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Or maybe you are a long-time dedicated Yogi who is looking for new empowerment.

Yoga is a great ancient wisdom and series of practice developed in the land of India for past many thousands of years. The practice encompasses mantra, mudra, asana, pranayama, and meditation towards embodiment of consciousness within every breath and awareness.

Yoga Practice is a way of coming home – to the natural sate of harmony –  Consciousness (Spirit) and Body (Form). With steady practice, we become more able to see our true nature and the Divine within ourselves, all beings and all aspects of life.

I welcome all ages and levels to utilize Yoga Practice to become the whole so we can shine our light truly and deliver the gift to the world.

Yoga Class - 30 minutes

750THB / $25

Yoga Class - 60 minutes

1,500 THB / $50

Yoga Class - 90 minutes

2,250 THB / $75

Yoga Class - 120 minutes

3,000 THB / $100

※ 10% discount for 5 Yoga Classes (valid for 30 days from the date of payment).

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Akari is a truly gifted kirtan artist and I highly recommend to go and visit a kirtan led by her if you get the chance! She has the talent and experience to create a sacred and devotional space full of love and joy. She easily holds space for people to connect, express themselves and celebrate life.
Leon Sanchez Alvarez Germany

I remember the first day I saw Akari, it was a balmy hot day in Koh Phangan and she whizzed past me on a scooter, her hair blowing in the wind, with a guitar on her back. The image made an imprint on me, it was like a sign of freedom, of expression and creativity. I couldn’t believe my luck when it turned out that she was going to be one of my yoga teachers during my 200hr teacher training, and I felt so blessed to have had the experience to be guided by her through my practice.

Akari has this presence, this voice, that immediately connects you to the source, to pure love and the divine. “The heart is shining” she says with a smile, and you really feel that. She has a unique style of teaching that is inclusive, authentic and inspirational. She weaves Hindu stories of gods, traditional philosophy, energetic understanding, mantra and physical practice together in a way that really makes you understand and feel the real meaning of yoga. She also brought depth to my understanding of Bhakti Yoga and listening to her sing during Kirtan brought a tear to my eye with pure joy.

Rhea Mazzaschi UK
I love Akari's Voice, her Energy, her Kirtan, her yoga classes and her whole being. I go to her Kirtans all the time and i was lucky to attend her Kirtan Workshop. If you love Kirtan and if you wanna dive deeper into it, learn more about the Mantras, the Deities, the songs and their stories, open your voice, gain more openness and confidence in singing than go to this workshop. We had beautiful 3 days together with so much joy and singing from the heart. And Akari has such a bug knowledge and wisdom about yoga and mantras, its so inspiring to listen to her. I am feeling super thankful for this opportunity. Thank you Akari ♥
Linda Lynn Switzerland
I was happy to sign up for a YTT because I thought it should be very physically challenging. What I didn’t realize was the big amount of meditation and philosophy that came with the course. I’m very grateful for that part because I think that was what I needed and have been looking for - a way to live my life and find my purpose, to realize how much impact my thoughts have and I can try to detach myself with my thoughts through meditation. Akari saw every students and encouraged us to develop at our own level. Akari has a lot of knowledge and I’m so grateful for her love and support, every adjustments in asana class and heart-filled lectures.
Rebecca Molander Sweden
Yoga Teacher Training with Akari is one of the best decisions I have made this past year. Akari embodies what Yoga is, which is focusing on the inner practice as much if not more than the outer practice (asanas). Akari is able to take students beyond the student’s own expectations and abilities. She is able to help students find the hidden gem within. She does this with love and believing in us. Akari has many years of experience and knowledge allowing her to offer teaching with an umbrella of information. I have many tools in my yoga bag now because Akari has taught this out and is passionate about spreading the truth of yoga.
Angie Hinds U.S.A
Akari, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the yoga teacher training. Your dedication to helping us grow and understand the very massive learnings of yoga. I really learnt so much more then I thought I was going to. Your ability to cater to different personalities and energies is amazing. The time you put into the resources you gave us and the structure of the course was above and beyond and did not go unnoticed you really did exceed my expectations. Thank you for not only helping me understand how to teach but you helped me through some pretty intense emotional times and made me face them head on. You are truly a magical person and I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Rebecca Luxton New Zealand
Since the first class I took with Akari, I felt really comfortable. I felt Akari shares her class deeply from her heart, so I could relax and connect. Akari makes students to be confident doing their practice, even for beginners. She explains the basics very clearly, and also give more advanced options if someone wants to go deep, but without forcing anybody in the classroom. She seems self-confident sharing the practice. But the most important thing is that Akari shares peace and love from her heart and this is what I love about it.
Rodrigo Achaval Argentina

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I am based on the tropical island of Koh Phangan in southern Thailand, and I frequently travel to Europe and other countries. I am always open to different heartfelt collaborations around the globe, get in touch with me :) Follow Akari Yoga Facebook page for upcoming events, trainings, and workshops.

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