Mantra Song Book 108



75 page PDF in A4 format.
Includes E-book + download link for 86 songs.
Print it out on your own for easy use.


Lyrics, Guitar and Harmonium chords for 108 songs that are from recorded albums + traditional Bhajans + Kirtan songs frequently played by Akari Tamura.

✱ Includes FREE DOWNLOAD LINK FOR 86 SONGS for your learning purpose. (Other 22 songs are from Akari’s released albums and can be listened on various streaming sites.) You don’t have to know all 108 songs. You can listen the recordings and learn new songs to expand your repatoire.

✱ 108 songs are grouped by released albums + “Ganesha”, “Devi Ma”, “Shiva”, “Sita Ram Hanuman”, “Radha Krishna” and “Prayer, Gurudeva”.

✱ Includes introduction of Kirtan, Mantra, Hindu Deities, basic guitar chord charts, basic harmonium chord guideline.

✱ Easy to use for musicians without formal training.

✱ Learn devotional Mantra songs to sing or/and to accompany with instruments.

✱ May this book be your reference book. May this book serve your heart to sing more.



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The mantra book created by Akari is a very precious gem as it holds a huge collection of beautiful kirtan songs with mention of the corresponding deity to each song. The book gives a good intro about bhakti, kirtan, deities and the basics of chords for Guitar and Harmonium (like this it’s also suitable for beginners!). The selection of songs is really vast and you will hardly get bored of discovering new songs to learn. The book comes along with a whole package of audio files for all songs. This is just great as this provides a solid framework to explore, learn and grow. Amazing! Really grateful for this book!

Leon Sanchez Alvarez


I bought Akari‘s mantra song book when I began learning guitar. I already knew the basic guitar cords and as a hatha and kundalini yoga teacher, I knew many of the mantras. But this book was the link to put the music and the mantras together. Akari has all the mantras categorized per deity. This book has been such a beautiful journey into my world of music and mantra. It’s my one stop place to go and look up the cords and lyrics to just about any mantra I wish to devote to. And now I’m playing the mantras in my classes. Highly recommend.

Athena Julie Jewels

USA, Founder of Shine Your Light

When Akari brought out her Mantra Song Book 108 I knew I had to get it straight away. The book is so well put together and so easy to understand. She provides explanation that helps to understand the transformative power of Mantras, Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga, as well as an overview of Gods, Goddess’s and Deities.  

Each Mantra is clearly lined out, with the basic cords and lyrics, and there is also raw, live recordings that you can access via link for guidance. Akari really encourages that you use this a framework and then add your own flavour or personality as you begin to connect to your heart.

Even as a beginner this book is suitable, I am still learning and practicing and even though I can’t sing really, I do in my own way, and it helps to release the creative nature of my soul. It connects me to the heart energy and encourages self expression. I really recommend giving it a go!

Rhea Mazzaschi


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