I remember the first day I saw Akari, it was a balmy hot day in Koh Phangan and she whizzed past me on a scooter, her hair blowing in the wind, with a guitar on her back. The image made an imprint on me, it was like a sign of freedom, of expression and creativity. I couldn’t believe my luck when it turned out that she was going to be one of my yoga teachers during my 200hr teacher training, and I felt so blessed to have had the experience to be guided by her through my practice.

Akari has this presence, this voice, that immediately connects you to the source, to pure love and the divine. “The heart is shining” she says with a smile, and you really feel that. She has a unique style of teaching that is inclusive, authentic and inspirational. She weaves Hindu stories of gods, traditional philosophy, energetic understanding, mantra and physical practice together in a way that really makes you understand and feel the real meaning of yoga. She also brought depth to my understanding of Bhakti Yoga and listening to her sing during Kirtan brought a tear to my eye with pure joy.

Rhea Mazzaschi UK

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I am based on the tropical island of Koh Phangan in southern Thailand, and I frequently travel to Europe and other countries. I am always open to different heartfelt collaborations around the globe, get in touch with me :) Follow Akari Yoga Facebook page for upcoming events, trainings, and workshops.


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