Originally from Japan, Akari Tamura is Yoga Teacher, Kirtan Leader and Multi-Instrumentalist, based in Koh Phangan, Thailand, and tours Europe in summer/autumn. Akari is known for her inspirational style of teaching and self-expression towards healing, love and empowerment. She has a unique way to inspire students all around the world by transmitting embodied wisdom from the heart with sincere devotion to her own practice and life. Incorporating the vibrational power of spiritual heart through Sankalpa (heart-felt intention) and Bhavana (deepest feeling in the moment), Akari creates and holds a sacred space for student’s both outer-physical and inner-spiritual journey.  

Since 2006, she has devoted years of study in traditional Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Hinduism, Jnana Yoga (meditation, self-inquiry), Advaita (non-duality), Tibetan Buddhism, and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. With great respect to all lineages, she began teaching internationally in 2013, and has taught classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training courses in Australia, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, India, France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Akari’s teaching encompasses asana, pranayama, vinyasa, meditation, Tantra, physical yoga anatomy, energy anatomy, self-enquiry, meditation, mudra, mantra, mythology and a vast knowledge of yogic philosophy.  

Apart from yoga teacher, Akari is also a well-known Kirtan leader with decade’s long background of classical music study. Akari feels that music is a way to connect to the center of our vastness, just like how music was one of the means towards liberation at Vedic time in India. Akari’s other background includes a degree in sociology, several years of humanitarian work in Africa and SE Asia, knowledge of permaculture design with experience of living off-grid, extensive training and working experience in theta healing, aromatherapy, herbalism, massage and bodywork.  

Akari’s dharma (soul purpose) is to elevate the consciousness of humanity towards expansive love of our true nature through practice of yoga, art of music, power of intentions, radical affirmation of both light and shadow within, and becoming a true channel of our full potentiality for the world that we love to create. Walking on this yogic path with gratitude, Akari is passionate to share the beauty of cherishing the most intimate relationship within all of us – between me and the Divine. Home is where thy heart is.

To become the channel of light (Pure Consciousness) in the lotus flowers (7 chakras) unfolding is the highest vision!

Her Story

Born in the south and raised in different rural parts of northern Japan, Akari’s spiritual journey began in the early teenage. One of her first transformational experiences took place in Kenya when she was at the age of 19. At her NGO work, Akari came to visit a widow who was a HIV/AIDS patient and a mother of three children. This woman was abandoned by her husband and all her family, and before getting to the point to find out how much financial support would be needed for her family, they shed tears together and shared several hours of dialogues. And at the end of the conversation, the widow smiled at Akari and told her that she was feeling empowered and positive for the first time. Something inside of Akari was deeply moved and touched because she actually didn’t do anything but just stayed present to recognize the person in front of her. Akari could feel something had shifted inside the person but didn’t exactly understand what it was at that time. Akari couldn’t help but kept questioning herself:  “what is happiness?”, “what is world peace?”, “what’s the meaning of life?”.

Akari’s thirst to find these answers kept her explore throughout the world including India to study yoga and spirituality; spending several months at Kumbha Mela (the biggest spiritual gathering on the earth) to meet the heart of Bhakti. She became interested in unseen realm of the world, that she extensively studied different energy healing modalities. She also explored the way of community and natural living; the idea of yoga led her to live off-grid in harmony with nature towards peace and happiness for all beings. Lots of meditation and contemplation were done at that time.  

In 2010, she was led to study the esoteric Tantra and in-depth philosophy of yoga, and everything that she had known began to make more sense and connect together. She was amazed at wisdom lineages that whatever she had felt, thought, or known in her body was clearly explained in yoga traditions hundreds of thousands of years ago. And what she was searching for all these years seemed to find the answer. At this point, she had no choice but to go deeper into the Truth of her own heart. She continued to study the depth of yoga and meditation along with 4+ hours of daily practice for several years, which eventually led her to follow her heart to become a yoga teacher.

Today, she offers her teachings from private lesson to 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, and shares her passion with Kirtan and music all around the world, especially in Koh Phangan, Thailand and Europe. She is committed to serve with love and integrity to deliver the depth of yoga as a spiritual path beyond the physical practice.


I am based on the tropical island of Koh Phangan in southern Thailand, and I frequently travel to Europe and other countries. I am always open to different heartfelt collaborations around the globe. Please get in touch with me! Follow Akari Yoga Facebook page for upcoming events, trainings, and workshops.


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